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Providing a unique blend of quantitative & qualitative original research and  analysis on annuities and retirement income for insurance companies, banks and financial firms.
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Recent Projects

  • Developed a new algorithm for determining the states with the greatest potential for annuity sales 

  • Decreased outgoing annuity exchanges with training program

  • Modeled different interest crediting methods & concepts in low yield market

  • Hypothesized the "Insurance Corollary to Prospect Theory" that explains why life insurance can be a difficult sale (and how to overcome)

  • Taught how to increase sales with behavioral training

  • Identified new market niches for annuities

  • Created consumer and agent education materials on using annuities in retirement

Research Practice Areas

Consumer Behavioral Economics
The real reason why consumers make financial decisions and how products and presentations need to reflect this.

Issues In Senior Decision Making
How aging and behavioral bias affect the decision-making process and what can be done.

Annuity Market Analysis
Ranging from gathering actual historic returns of fixed & index annuities to consumer complaint trends to long-term segmented sales results.

Competitor & Market Channel Research
Analyzing product drift, whether product revolution or evolution, and marketing company demographics.

Retirement Income Product & Rider Analysis and Creation
Current reports on players and products with lifetime income withdrawal benefits as well as creating and developing new retirement income product designs from a behavioral finance approach.

Insurance Management & Organizational Consulting
Coaching and counsel specifically for annuity carriers and distributors

What We Offer

Current Speech & Training Topics
Never dry, always topical presentations designed for marketing staff and retail representatives to increase both understanding and sales given by one of industry's premier speakers. Read more 

Our writings range from academic papers to books, periodicals and studies that are connected with the annuity world. Read more

Offering a unique economic behavioral approach to improving organizational decision-making, customer stickiness and long-term profitability.