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Current Speech Topics

Behavioral Annuity Traning
This spirited presentation shows the defining psychological change that has been caused by the economic events of the last few years, how consumers now think about money, risk and retirement; why marketing and selling approaches need to be more narrowly defined, why "Solve for I" has replaced the "4% solution".

Change Consumer Behavior
Consumers make buying decisions normally and yet representatives are taught to sell rationally meaning they often don’t close the sale. In this session Dr. Marrion uses proven research in behavioral economics combined with real-world experience to give representatives practical answers and methods to close sales and prevent objections from ever arising. Questions answered include:
Why consumers often don’t buy, What your prospect THINKS they know can hurt them and the FOUR WORDS that save sales.

Fixed Annuity Myths & Realities
A lot of myths surround annuities. In 45 minutes Jack talks about the realities of fixed annuity safety, guarantee funds and FDIC; how the different index annuity crediting methods really work; how lifetime benefits really work; wall street illusions and how to combat them; where annuities fit; and how to avoid being a regulator target. A real world talk enjoyed by both producers and their compliance departments.

The Cost
The cost for a one-event speech is $2,500. If more than one day is scheduled the daily cost is $1,500. Charges for coach airfare, lodging, and ground transportation are additional.