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Index Compendium annual subscription IC $140.00

It examines index annuity crediting methods and actual returns, discusses annuity alternatives to Wall Street's retirement planning, as well as providing insight into consumer behavior and specific things that a producer can do to increase the odds of a successful sale. The eight page Index Compendium monthly newspaper provides information on changes in the annuity marketplace, tracks returns, and features marketing, compliance and other issues that affect index-linked products. An annual subscription is $140.00

Volatility Control Subscription vci $740.00

In August 2014 there were two volatility-controlled indexes used in the Fixed Index Annuity arena; today there are over four dozen, with many more indexes filed and waiting. is the resource that enables carriers, marketing companies and index competitors to make sense of it all and stay on top of this fast changing world. To the public, is one-stop website providing links to the daily closing prices of the vol-controlled indices used by fixed index annuities. For Subscribers, the password-protected pages also provide:

* A sortable spreadsheet allowing you to compare vol-controlled indices by their specifications: volatility target, index composition, low volatility component, strategy, service fee, leverage used, when the index went active, which carriers use the index, etc.
* Index Return bar charts by ranking
* Calculated past returns of the different indices
* Links to proprietary research papers

In addition, subscribers receive pdf copies of the Fixed Index Annuity Vol-Controlled Indices reports that are updated as needed. One subscription provides unlimited access for distinct user groups.

2018 Fixed Index Annuity Volatility Control Indices Overview 2018Overview $175.00

The 21-page 2018 Fixed Index Annuity Volatility Control Indices Overview provides fixed index annuity players with the detailed information they need on the wide array of volatility control indices now available in the fixed index annuity market. The 2018 digest provides side-by-side comparisons of each volatility control index sorted by index features, volatility trigger level, pricing points and strategy, and it provides a brief description of what these features do. A pdf of the report will be emailed after payment confirmation.